School of Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering


Main research areas

The research focus is on basic fire spread calculations.

To this end, we are in close contact with the international Fire Science Chairs, which organize calculation methods and high-quality experiments for the validation and further development of models and calculation methods within the framework of the IAFSS( and in particular via their MaCFP Working Group( Committee work is carried out here by the chair for the Radiative Heat Transfer Phenomena subgroup(

In addition, experimental methods on a matter and small scale are researched and used outside MaCFP to validate and determine material parameters.

General research priorities are illustrated in the following figure

Important topics are e.g:

  • Adaptive radiation modeling for fire simulations
  • Detailed pyrolysis modeling
  • Interaction of combustion modeling and flame radiation during flame extinction
  • Non-deterministic (flow) calculations for the consideration of
  • Uncertainties in the calculation
  • Inverse modeling approaches for the derivation of model parameters and models
  • Machine learning for fast fire simulations with reduced order

Areas of application are, for example, fire development in vehicles, in interior spaces or in vegetation fires.

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