School of Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering

Teaching at the chair of fire dynamics

Basics of fire protection

Basic phenomenological processes and effects of fires are taught. There is also an overview of very different topics in the field of fire protection.

Topics include

  • Structural and technical fire protection
  • Smouldering fires in nature
  • Forest fires
  • Fire protection for rail vehicles
  • Machine learning in fire protection

Fundamentals of preventive and defensive fire protection

  • Thermodynamics of combustion processes
  • Combustion processes and sequences including the various fuels (solid, liquid, gaseous)
  • Ignition processes
  • Combustion temperatures
  • Fire-specific reaction rates, energy conversion, heat release rates and fire forms

Modeling of fires

  • Module: Fire modeling
  • Heating of bodies - calculation methods
  • In-depth study of the different types of heat transport with a focus on flame radiation and flame length
  • Pyrolysis modeling

Fire behavior of materials

  • Module: Fire modeling
  • The chemical-physical behavior of materials depends on numerous parameters.
  • Theoretical principles of pyrolysis, the ignition of materials (especially wood) and factors influencing fire behavior are presented. Experiments to determine effective material properties (e.g. for use in fire spread calculations) are also described.

Radiative Heat Transfer

  • Introduction to heat transfer
  • Radiative heat transfer
  • Radiative Transfer Equation and its Modelling

Please note that some of the elective courses offered may be offered irregularly and inquire about the specific offerings well in advance of the semester.

Fundamentals of Wildland Fire Dynamics

  • Elective for Bachelor's and Master's students
  • Fundamentals and current research questions on the topic of vegetation and smouldering fires

Machine Learning for Fire Simulation

  • Theory and application of different enhanced data analysis methods for the application of fire simulations
  • Methods involve e.g. SVD, Polynomial Chaos (non-intrusive and intrusive), POD, DMD

Research questions in fire dynamics

  • Elective subject for Bachelor and Master
  • Lectures on current research questions in the field of fire dynamics
  • Current focus is on methods of machine learning in fire simulation, enclosure and wildfire dynamics

If you wish to take an examination for the lectures we offer as an elective subject for which registration is not provided via the central examination office, please send an application to Ms. Krüger(firekrueger[at]

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  • Name
  • matriculation number
  • degree program
  • Examination subject

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